Lovers – A Review

February 14, 2012

We’re a huge fan of Paul E. Cooley here at Abattoir. In the spirit of full disclosure, for those who don’t know, he’s a co-host on Grindstone our (irregularly) awesome podcast. We’ve been friends of his for years. Still, none of that’s enough to overlook bad writing. So when we say you need to go buy Lovers, part of his Garaaga’s Children series, we mean it. Sex and horror go …Read the Rest

Frederic’s Little Secret – A Review

It’s no secret that we love Phil Rossi. It’s not just his musical talent, rugged good looks, or affable and …Read the Rest

Abattoir Presents “In The Deep Dark”

Welcome to the first issue of Abattoir Presents. For it, we have chosen a story by Justin Macumber of the …Read the Rest

Grindstone Episode Three – Scaring Little Kiddies

In episode three of GrindstoneJake Bible, Paul Cooley, and Scott Roche talk about what we should be reading and how …Read the Rest

Welcome to the Dark Side

No, not the dark side of the Force. We are the evil sibling in the Flying Island Press family. All …Read the Rest

Tattoo – Review

April 28, 2011
Tattoo – Review

I finished the podcast version of “Tattoo”, a novelette by Paul E. Cooley, on the way to work this morning. …Read the Rest

Grindstone Episode Two – Scum and Villainy

In episode two of GrindstoneJake Bible, Paul Cooley, and Scott Roche talk about how central great villains/antagonists are to horror, …Read the Rest

Anamelech by Phil Rossi

February 10, 2011
Anamelech by Phil Rossi

Today’s piece of flash fiction is brought to us by Phil Rossi. A writer, a musician, and an embracer of …Read the Rest

Connected by Alasdair Stuart

February 8, 2011
Connected by Alasdair Stuart

While we’re looking for longer fiction, we reserve the right to share a keen piece of flash with you when …Read the Rest

Grindstone Episode One – Why Horror?

In episode one of GrindstoneJake Bible, Paul Cooley, and Scott Roche talk about why they write horror, if they’re scared …Read the Rest

Give Us a Name

February 2, 2011
Give Us a Name

Help us name the upcoming news and interviews podcast that we’ll be putting out soon! Loading…