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September 22, 2010

The tile is stark white and the stainless steel work table gleams. Every knife, hook, cleaver and saw stand ready, shining in the harsh fluorescents. Save for a traces of pink at the edge of the floor drains, you’d never know how this room looked while in use. Still, in spite of the order, fear claws at the edge of your soul. Is it the ghost of a scream in the back of your mind that may or may not be an animal’s? Is it the idea that though the walls may be free of blood, there are decades worth of pain soaked into them?

Whatever it is that makes the tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand up, all you know for sure is that you want out. The evil in this place is palpable. You turn to leave only to discover that the door is locked. The sound of a shoe scuffing against the floor behind you and the light scraping as one of the tools is removed from its place freeze you in your tracks.

Welcome to Abattoir, the horror site brought to you by Flying Island Press. We love to scare and be scared by the best in psychological horror. Look for our e-zine, coming in 2011 and until then enjoy the free content!

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