Lovers – A Review

February 14, 2012

We’re a huge fan of Paul E. Cooley here at Abattoir. In the spirit of full disclosure, for those who don’t know, he’s a co-host on Grindstone our (irregularly) awesome podcast. We’ve been friends of his for years. Still, none of that’s enough to overlook bad writing. So when we say you need to go buy Lovers, part of his Garaaga’s Children series, we mean it.

Sex and horror go together like chocolate and the still beating heart of your enemy clutched in your hand. Still, we know from experience, that done wrong it can be as horrible as sparkling vampire Adonises. There is quite a bit of rumpy-pumpy in this story. It’s enough so that we’d classify this not only as horror but as well done erotica. When one of your main characters is the priestess of Ishtar, we would have been surprised if it hadn’t been included.

Here’s the breakdown of the plot:

In ancient Babylon, the nephilim Drimesh has lived a brutal, if ethical, life. Once pursued by the Tribe of Abraham, Drimesh has taken refuge in the great city. Living off his wealthy matrons has provided him a comfortable existence.

When he meets a Priestess of the Goddess Ishtar, his life becomes a struggle between his human desires and those of the beast that lives inside him. Will he succumb to the beast and suffer his mother’s fate, or find a way to balance the duality?

Lovers, the second volume in the Garaaga’s Children series, is steeped in the history of Hammurabi’s Babylon and the beginning of Judaism. Mixing elements of ancient history, dark fantasy and erotica, Lovers is sure to leave readers wanting more.

I’d say that’s a sound breakdown. It had us alternately gasping in horror and delight. We first experienced it aurally (don’t get excited, it has to do with ears) and you can too via Shadow Publications’ podcast. You can, in fact experience all of Mr. Cooley’s stories there, and we endorse that as well.

As mentioned in the blurb, this is part of an ongoing series. Paul has decided to fuse ancient history and horror in a way that we haven’t seen before. We’re particularly waiting for the entry known as “Interlopers”. In that one Alexander’s scouts run into crazy villagers and a creature as beautiful as it is deadly.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get some great fiction!

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