Zach Ricks – Managing Editor: Lawyer, Project Manager, Writer. Probably in over his head, but apparently crazy enough to jump in the pool anyway.

Philip Carroll – Editor: Wall to bounce things off of? Writer, reader, editor, vacillator, vegitator. Father, Grand Father, Orthotist.

Scott Roche – is a writer, husband, father of three, and a complete maniac. This is the only possible explanation for why he is also a contributing editor for Flying Island Press for both their Flagship and Abattoir imprints and produces podcast content for them. As if that weren’t enough he also co-runs the Seekrit Projekt podcast ( There is not enough time or caffeine in all the world for him to do what he wants, but he’ll die trying. You can find information about all of his projects by going to

Jeff Hite – Director of IT – Assistant Editor(Flagship) , Server Support, Network admin, Web Host. Staff writer (I hope) Slush reader / editor. Father, husband.

Photograph of J-P LosierJean-Philip “J-P” Losier– Director of Development: Assistant Editor, Code Geek, Jack-of-all-trades, Support Staff, Writer. Father & Stepfather (8 kids & counting). Myers-Briggs INTJ. Not a pet person, but we have four cats, six guinea pigs, and a hamster. Outliner. Outlier. Asker of “What if…?”, Modern-day steampunk mad scientist, sans goggles.

Laura NicoleLaura Nicole – Editor, Slush Reader, Guest Coordinator, Voice Actor, Writer, Jedi Master, Gypsy Queen, Ninja Master, Pirate… You can blame the guys for my ever-growing title…


Scott Roche

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