Rupan Malik

Rupan is a short writer of tall stories. He has been recently published in Eclectica, decomP, and Bound Off, and can be found roaming the internet at, or @rupanmalakin

Mary Lowd

Mary E. Lowd lives in Oregon with her husband, daughter, five cats, and three dogs.  More than thirty of her short stories have been published, and her first novel, “Otters In Space,” was nominated for an Ursa Major Award.  She’s a member of SFWA, the Furry Writers’ Guild, and co-chair of her local critique group, the Wordos.

Sarah Gunn

Sarah Gunn is a UK-based writer, currently preparing her first novel. She has previously sold several short stories to publications including Niteblade and Title Goes Here:, and spends her time reading, writing speculative fiction and practicing origami with rejection slips.

Zachary Ricks

Zachary Ricks

Zachary Ricks is an attorney / project manager / writer / aspiring imperialist warmonger living in Austin TX with a very understanding wife and daughter. He found science fiction at five years old when his parents made the tactical error of taking him to see “Star Wars” while visiting family in Alaska. They later recalled that it was the first time they’d taken him to a movie where he hadn’t been whining about having to go to the bathroom or wanting popcorn. And while it was a welcome change, it also sort of freaked them out. He grew up on a potato farm in Idaho, which gave him a lot of time riding around on tractors and pondering “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” Today, he can be found occasionally posting short stories at His latest project is Flying Island Press – a publisher of e-magazines for anything with a screen or a pair of earphones.

Scott Roche

Scott Roche

Scott Roche is the Marketing Director for Flying Island Press. He has had his work published in Hub Magazine and is very active in the podcasting community. Writing and creating are part time unpaid gigs for the most part, but he’s actively working to change that. You can find Scott’s musings on spiritual matters at He had a podcast novel called Archangel at Finally, his thoughts on writing, social media, and podcasting are available at


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