Mik Murdoch: Boy Superhero – Review

Now that I have kids I find the things on my “To Read” shelf are changing. In part that’s because I want to be reading what they’re reading so we can talk about it. There’s also something refreshing about diving into a book that asks me to cast aside the cares of an adult world for a few hours. That’s not to say that the cares of children are somehow lesser than my own, oh no. The issues they deal with are simply different, most of the time. So, I’m reading more young adult and juvenile fiction these days and enjoying it.

As such, when I saw that Mike Plested had advance reader copies of Mik Murdoch: Boy Superhero ready for the taking, I snapped one up. I’m a fan of Mike’s work, and in the spirit of full disclosure I’m also partnering with him on some serial fiction. I was therefore fairly sure that I would enjoy it. I was not disappointed.

Mik’s first person tale let’s us in on the deepest desire of his heart – to become a superhero. The nine year old boy in me certainly understands that. I wanted little more than to be Spiderman or Superman (Batman in my teen years). Not one to sit idly by, Mik takes cues from the greats and tries to arrange for radiological and chemical “accidents”. He also tries to build his own super suit. During these escapades he finds out what the “hero” part of superhero means. He also discovers a way to make that “super” happen as well. Will he use it? Read the book.

If you have a young person in your life, who like Mik and I has that desire, I can strongly recommend this book. The chapters are somewhat episodic and would make for great parent/child bed time reading. For young readers that have the knack of going on their own this is also an excellent choice. While Mik is a boy, I know plenty of girls who would enjoy his adventures and can recommend it to readers of any gender. I give this five capes and commend you to order it as soon as it’s availble (or pre-order it here).