Today is Father’s day, and father’s everywhere are looking for something to do on their day off.  Some of them play golf, others get fancy ties from their kids, some even do both.

If you don’t know already I am also a father.  For me, father’s day is all about spending time with my kids, remembering that without them I would not get to celebrate this day.  I love the little gifts they give me, especially when you can tell that they really thought about it.  The handmade cards make me smile, and line my office walls.  This year I got one of the greatest gifts ever, and it was not even for me.  Thursday of this week my oldest son bought a kindle.  He is 15 years old and loves to read.  And I swear I had to pry out of his hand so he would go to sleep. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see him reading the things that I like.  This has been the perfect weekend for him to get his new kindle because issues of  Flagship have been free all weekend.

So if you or your father are SciFi fans, you need to head out to Amazon and grab yourself a copy of the January  2012 issue of FlagShip magazine From Flying Island Press  

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