With the upcoming release of the movie, “Ender’s Game”, I thought I would listen to it again.
The last time I listened to it was when I first started downloading audio books off news servers about ten years ago. I had a cheap news server with limited download and almost non existent retention. I had to scrape through days of partial file downloads and running everything through Quick Par to get a full book worth listening to.
I don’t pirate anymore. Once I started writing my own stuff and licensing it through creative commons I had a return of conscience and now pay for all my music and books;even creative commons stuff. I feel authors and artists should be rewarded for what they produce. (I’ll give Dan O at danosongs.com a plug here. He is my go to source for background and theme music. It’s free if you give him attribution, but why not send him a few bucks anyway? I’d just spend it on an extra taco at lunch.)
Apparently, what I’d listened to last time was either an abridged version or the complete original novella from 1977. Regardless, when I started listening to the 20th anniversary edition, I didn’t remember half of what I was hearing.
If you listen to this recording, you’ll get to the end and find a number of commentaries by the author. There you will find, if you didn’t already know it, Orson Scott Card’s original goal in life was to be a playwright, and in his opinion, the ideal modality for experiencing Ender’s Game is in unabridged audio with a cast of professional actors. He is pleased with this audio production and I was too.
The story is beautifully and seamlessly narrated. The characters are real, believable and empathetic. I felt the only drawback to the narration was that I often forgot these were children’s voices, being narrated by an adult.
If you’ve been a fan of the story or of Card, and haven’t heard him speak of it, you will love the afterward by the author. You understand his motivations and the reason for his characterizations.

Whether the story is new to you, or an old favorite, this production by Blackstone Audio, available at www.audable.com is a must listen.


Philip ‘Norvaljoe’ Carroll

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