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Flying Island Press Interviews Hughes and Roche

Listen to Flying Island Press interview Keith Hughes and Scott Roche about the E-book Death Match!
Zach Ricks
Keith Hughes
Scott Roche
E-book Death Match!!
Audio courtesy of the FreeSound Project:
Radio Noise
Morse Code

Galley Table Interviews Channel 37

We were fortunate to meet some great guys at Balticon. Paul Lagasse and Gary Lester of Channel 37, an online pulp magazine, chatted with us about what they’re doing and publishing pulp in the 21st Century. Guests: Scratch Bacharach Paul Lagasse Gary Lester Zach Ricks Scott Roche Mentioned: Channel 37 Seeing Through the Clouds Chuck […]

Galley Table Episode Thirty-Eight: Balticon Afterglow

In this episode thirty-eight we talk about how awesome Balticon was and what we got out of it. Guests: Zach Ricks Scott Roche Doc Coleman Laura Nicole Jeff Hite Mentioned: Balticon Channel 37 The Seekrit Projekt Absolution Veronica Giguerre Doug Rapson James Durham Jared Axelrod JR Blackwell Question of the Week What is your preferred […]

Galley Table Interview with Ben Bova!!!

While at Balticon (thanks to Doc Coleman) we got to interview Dr. Ben Bova. Not much in the way of show notes for this one. Just give it a listen. It was truly an epic opportunity. Guests: Doc Coleman Scott Roche Ben Bova Laura Nicole Zach Ricks Mentioned: Ginnie Dare: Crimson Sands The Nifty Tech […]

Welcome to the Dark Side

No, not the dark side of the Force. We are the evil sibling in the Flying Island Press family. All of the sorts of stories that you’ve seen in issues of Flagship or presented to you by Pirate’s Cove are welcome here, so long as they are presented by a fun house mirror. We want …Read the Rest

Galley Table Episode Thirty-Seven: Balticon Plans!

In episode thirty-seven we talk about Balticon and how you might handle it. And our new blog content schedule! Guests: Zach Ricks Scott Roche Doc Coleman Laura Nicole Jeff Hite Mentioned: Balticon JC Hutchins James Durham Veronica Giguerre Doug Rapson The Shrinking Man Project Requiem of the Outcast David Sobkowiak Shadow Publications – Fiends vol. […]

Flights of Fancy

May 16, 2011
Flights of Fancy

The thing of beauty you see to the left is called a beer flight. Think of it as the alcohol equivalent of an appetizer sampler. This hails from The Wedge Brewing Company located in Asheville, NC and has seven of some of the finest brews I’ve tasted. What does this have to do with Flying […]

American Steampunk

May 9, 2011
American Steampunk

For those of you that don’t know, we’re doing a steampunk themed issue towards the end of the summer. We’re still accepting stores, see the details here, so I’d encourage you to send a story in. We talked a bit about what steampunk is in Galley Table Episode Thirty-Three and that was a lot of […]

Galley Table Episode Thirty-Four: Pushing Boundaries

In episode thirty-four we talk about what it means to bush your boundaries and what can come of it. Guests: Jeff Hite Scott Roche Doc Coleman JP “No Nickname” Losier Mentioned: Justin Lowmaster The Snowflake Method The Seekrit Projekt Promos: It’s Just Us Question of the Week – If you had a pet named after […]

Television Anthologies

One of the reasons I love working for this magazine (aside from the awesome people) is that I’ve always loved anthologies. Give me a book full of short stories, a hammock, and a cold beer and I’m a happy man. The same is true of television. While there’s something to be said for long form […]

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