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Galley Table 84 – Special Presentation – Zircon’s Last Stand

This week we bring you a special presentation of: Zicon’s Last Stand by Rupan Malakin Rupan is a short writer of tall stories. He has been recently published in Eclectica, decomP, and Bound Off, and can be found roaming the internet at www.rupanm…

Countless Babies Cry

February 17, 2012
Countless Babies Cry

Well. You can imagine the uproar I created when, last week, when I completely forgot to post my Friday blog. The phone lines haven’t stopped ringing, the emails boopittybooping, the teletypes ticking, and the carrier pigeons cooing and crapping in my pool. Throughout the world, countless babies cry, radium decays, the polar ice caps recede, […]

Audio Classics – The Tell-Tale Heart

Poe was a master and one of my first exposures to horror. His stories are full of the sort of descent into madness that is more horrific than any slasher film can aspire to. So, thanks to the magic of archive.org we bring you a reading of “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe. Enjoy! …Read the Rest

Officer’s Country – Interview with Mike Plested

It was my pleasure to talk with Mike Plested, author of “Apprentice” in issue one of Flagship. Here is the interview. Sites referenced: Sorcerous Signals (Mike’s first story will be published here) – http://www.sorceroussignals.com/ Duotrope – www.duotrope.com Dead Robots Society – http://deadrobotssociety.com/ I Should Be Writing – http://murverse.com/podcasts/ Get Published – http://www.michellplested.com/category/getpublished/ Galaxy Billies – […]

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