While all my friends were at Balticon living it up

While all my friends were at Balticon living it up By: Philip (Norval Joe) Carroll While all my friends were at Balticon living it up, making new connections and reestablishing old, I stayed here in the Golden State. I was raised here. So, even though we’re in a real estate slump that has decimated people’s […]

Finding the Courage to do What is Write.

This week I take a break from Fiction Tuesday as I wait for the first few stories to come in for our new contest, and instead talk about the courage it takes me, and I suspect many others, to write. Finding the Courage to do What is Write. By: Jeff Hite When you think of […]

The Best Author Blog

April 14, 2011
The Best Author Blog

Today’s guest post is brought to us by Allison Duncan aka @svallie. You can find her blog at where she… Well, we’ll let her tell you. Today she let’s us know how to improve our author blogs and truthfully, even if you’re not an author, if you have a blog there some good advice […]

Galley Table Episode Twenty-One – YA Fiction

In episode twenty-one we talk about YA fiction. We try and define it and talk about its crossover appeal. Guests: Zach Ricks J.R. Murdock Jeff Hite JP Losier Doc Coleman Laura Frechette Mentioned: Tumbler Pocket and the Pendant Empress Sword Space Casey Nina Kimberly the Merciless Schlock Mercenary Archie Comics Dragon Age Comics Bone Invincible […]

NaNoWriMo Planning? How much?

October 25, 2010
NaNoWriMo Planning?  How much?

NaNoWriMo is coming. If you are in the writing community at all it is pretty hard to miss that fact.  I know lots of authors and want-to-be-authors are scrambling to clear their schedules for all of November.  Trying to figure out how to bake a turkey while never leaving their keyboard, making sure that that your word count does […]

Interview With Author Alice Kemp

September 21, 2010
Interview With Author Alice Kemp

Alice Kemp wrote “Mr. Silky” for issue two. It’s a science fiction story about the repercussions of an illegal pet trade. What current/classic authors inspire you? Arthur C. Clarke, Poe, Lovecraft What was the inspiration for you story? I actually can’t think of a specific inspiration; it just sort of sprang full-blown from my head, […]

Interview With Author Billy Wong

September 15, 2010
Interview With Author Billy Wong

Billy Wong wrote the story “Paired Curse”, the one I read for our audio version. A young woman arrives at a frontier outpost looking for protection and training. Can Boers discover what she’s on the run from and turn her into a warrior? He was kind enough to answer a few questions for us. What […]

Officer’s Country – Interview with Mike Plested

It was my pleasure to talk with Mike Plested, author of “Apprentice” in issue one of Flagship. Here is the interview. Sites referenced: Sorcerous Signals (Mike’s first story will be published here) – Duotrope – Dead Robots Society – I Should Be Writing – Get Published – Galaxy Billies – […]

Inspirational Authors – JC Hutchins

Sorry for the break folks. We got a little busy around these parts what with site changes and release schedules. Things are still hopping, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t share with you more about the authors that we admire in new media. While it’s true that JC doesn’t podcast anymore he’s still a […]

Inspirational Authors – Mur Lafferty

I’m from North by gawd Carolina and there is a TON of podcasting talent here. Most of it seems to exist in and around the Raleigh area and one such podcaster is the subject of today’s inspirational authors post. Mur Laffertry is not only a podcaster, she’s got quite a few fiction and non-fiction credits […]

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