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Galley Table 68

June 19, 2012
Galley Table 68

Galley Table 68 This Galley Table We talk with Steven Saus about editing, publishing, anthologies and the world of Epub. …Read the Rest

Galley Table 59 – Content Delivery

  Content Delivery This was an all crew cast were we discussed some feed back we had received and how it related to content delivery in general and how it related to our content delivery specifically.   On the Cast Zach Ricks Laura Nicole Scott Roche Jeff Hite

The Courage to do What is Write – The Best Parts

The Best Parts I have talked before about my favorite parts of being parts of being a part of Flying Island Press, but what it boils down to, it means that I get to do the two things that really love, reading and writing and call it work. Today instead of talking about the things […]

Galley Table Episode Forty-Three: Cow Killing

In episode forty-three we talk about writing groups and killing some sacred cows. Guests: Zach Ricks JP Losier Doc Coleman Scott Roche Jeff Hite Mentioned: Ustream channel Killing the Sacred Cows: Workshops Tracy Hickman Battle of Wildspitze Question of the Week: Name a characteristic of your favorite author that you’d like to see in your […]

The Courage to do What’s Write – Pirates and Kids

Pirates and Kids One of the things that, we pirates love to do is the share the things that we are doing with the next generation of possible pirates, hopefully encouraging them to enjoy some of the same things.  To that end in the last few weeks the pirates from Pirate’s Cove have started on […]

Galley Table Episode Twenty-Nine: Be Mighty!

In episode twenty-nine Zach talks with Mur Lafferty about her successful Kickstarter campaign, building community, “overnight” successes, and BEING MIGHTY! RAWRRR!!
Zach Ricks
Mur Lafferty

Explorers: Beyond the …

Who are you? (who who… who who…)

Seriously. Who are you? If you’re a reader of FlagShip, who are you? Here’s what I think… If you’re a reader of FlagShip, you’re more technically savvy than your average person. You’re familiar with handling files, installing them on your e-reader or phone. You may not be totally familiar with the different e-text formats, but […]


August 3, 2010

I’d like to bring to your attention a few glaringly obvious facts: A story unread is little more than a collection of ink-stained paper…. If you’re not reading or listening to the words and pictures, we’re doing this for nothing…. You’re who the stories are read and recorded for.

Flagship Issue One and Outreach

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our first outing. Rich Asplund gave the audio version “a hearty recommendation” on his blog. We’d love it if you blogged about the stories, the overall production, or anything else that caught your eye. It’s important that we get as many eyes and ears on the magazine as humanly possible […]

Setting course

June 2, 2010
Setting course

Welcome to Flying Island Press. An explanation is offered as to where we started, and what my goals are for FlagShip. We go live July 4th, 2010.

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