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Galley Table 68

June 19, 2012
Galley Table 68

Galley Table 68 This Galley Table We talk with Steven Saus about editing, publishing, anthologies and the world of Epub. …Read the Rest

Autism Awareness Day

April 2, 2012
Autism Awareness Day

Today is World Autism Awareness day. Last year we released a special issue to benefit Autism Speaks. That issue is cram packed with excellent fiction and we’d love it if you’d go get it. As someone whose son falls on the spectrum I know how important it is to make sure that folks know more […]

Random Ruminations Remotely Related to wRiting – Best Seller

What Makes a Best Seller
Philip (Norval Joe) Carroll
I read a really good blog about what makes a “Best Seller”.
Rather than research and write my own, go read it. It’s really interesting.
Have fun.

Flagship Issue 6

July 5, 2011
Flagship Issue 6

This issue Includes: Captain’s Chair – Looking Back at the Year Ahead – Zach Ricks Guardian of Xarg – Lance Schonberg Lumberjill – Daniel Ausema Sean and Kitty in Love – Gary Cuba Please Spay Your Tribbles – Laura Nicole The Brisingamen – Hugh O’Donnell Flotsam – Rebecca Schwarz A View From the Poopdeck – […]

Flying Island Press Interviews Hughes and Roche

Listen to Flying Island Press interview Keith Hughes and Scott Roche about the E-book Death Match!
Zach Ricks
Keith Hughes
Scott Roche
E-book Death Match!!
Audio courtesy of the FreeSound Project:
Radio Noise
Morse Code

Galley Table Episode Twenty-Eight: E-book Pricing

In episode twenty-eight we tackle e-book pricing.
Zach Ricks
Veronica Giguerre
Jeff Hite
Doc Coleman
Scott Roche
Zach vs Nate
The Secret World Chronicle
Baen Free Library
E-book Pricing vs. Revenue
The Keepers
A Midsummer Nig…

Galley Table Special Episode – Alan Dean Foster Interview

Oh FRAK, we got to interview Alan Dean Foster about his new e-book Predators I Have Known. We hope you enjoy listening half as much as we enjoyed talking to him.
Link to the interview.
Alan Dean Foster
Open Road Media
Kindle version o…

Galley Table Episode Thirteen – All About the Benjamins

In episode thirteen where we talk about Google Ebooks, e-book pricing, and what we want for Christmas. Guests: Zack Ricks Jeff Hite Laura Frechette Mike Plested Chris Moody Mentioned: Google Ebooks Paul Cooley / Tattoo Tracy Hickman’s workshop Baen’s free library Baen’s webscriptions The Baen cd’s Pan Digital Novel Scott Roche’s Smashwords Library Zombie Project […]

Galley Table Episode Four – Self Publishing

In episode four it’s time to tackle self publishing. Should you? What should you do about creating e-pub files? How about cover art? Can you ensure that your text is good enough? We even answered some of these questions! Guests: Zack Ricks JP Losier Timothy Ward David Sobkowiak and Laura Frechette of Scrivener’s Circle and […]

Galley Table Episode Three

October 1, 2010
Galley Table Episode Three

In episode three we had a biiiig table. The topic of conversation ran form the increasing legitimacy of electronic publishing to how to end a short story and link it to a later novel. Guests: Zack Ricks Jeff Hite Timothy Ward Doc Coleman of the Nifty Tech Blog David Sobkowiak and Laura Frechette of Scrivener’s […]

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