How to Write a Sentence – On Elephants

In which we learn two old yarns about elephants. Eating an Elephant There’s an old adage that the way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. It’s a somewhat gory reminder that large and daunting tasks can be handled in smaller chunks. Be it cleaning out your garage or writing that next […]

The Courage to Do What’s Write – Getting it Done

Getting it Done By Jeff Hite As a writer there a times that I really struggle to well, um write. There are stories that need to be written for sure. There ideas and half written epics all gathering dust on the back shelves of my imagination. So it is not for a lack of things […]

Two things I learned

January 6, 2012
Two things I learned

Things I learned BY Philip (Norval Joe) Carroll I read a blog post this week and I learned two things: 1) Don’t write like you talk. 2) Make and support your point early on. This is how the article taught me these things: I often write like I talk. I assumed that created a conversational […]

The Courage to Do What is Write – What Coffee has to do with it.

What Coffee has to do with it. By Jeff Hite I am a coffee drinker. While I don’t spend my time at Starbucks or any of the other coffee houses, I do enjoy a good cup of coffee. In fact, I have made it kind of a hobby of mine to figure out how to […]

Random Ruminations Remotely Related to wRighting – Traffic Circles

Traffic Circles By Philip (Norval Joe) Carroll I had two things I was going to choose from to write about this week, but tonight as I was driving home from the grocery store, I got hooked into a rant. I just can’t ignore a good rant. So you’ll have to wait until next week to […]

How to Write a Sentence – Motivation

In which you will read that you should write so others can read what you have written.   There are whole schools of thought on the psychology of motivation. They talk about positive and negative reinforcement, stimulus and response. They debate the ideas of Pavlov, Maslow, Skinner, and other scholars of the bisyllabic variety of names. I’ve spent […]

Random Ruminations Remotely Related to wRiting – Best Seller

What Makes a Best Seller
Philip (Norval Joe) Carroll
I read a really good blog about what makes a “Best Seller”.
Rather than research and write my own, go read it. It’s really interesting.
Have fun.

The Courage to Do What’s Write – After the NaNo

After the NaNo by Jeff Hite So you finished your nano novel, or maybe not. In the four years that I have participated in NaNoWriMo I have only made It to 500000 words one time, so don’t feel bad if you didn’t. But despite not winning NaNoWriMo, I don’t count any of them as a […]

The Courage to do What is Write – The Best Parts

The Best Parts I have talked before about my favorite parts of being parts of being a part of Flying Island Press, but what it boils down to, it means that I get to do the two things that really love, reading and writing and call it work. Today instead of talking about the things […]

Random Ruminations Remotely Related to wRiting

Random Ruminations Remotely Related to wRiting. In defense of Nanowrimo. I’m afraid I need to keep this short, this week. I’m behind on my word count for the day for Nanowrimo. I have two thoughts. Yup. That’s all. That’s why I repeat myself so often… The first is about Nanowrimo detractors. I can’t think of […]

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