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Lessons Learned… from Star Wars?

In the life imitating art category, I submit you the following: Although this is really cool and the research is incredible, you have to ask yourself, did none of these…

Having The Courage to do what’s Write – Character

What does courage have to do with your characters? Well obviously if you are going to have Westley fight prince Humperdink he has to have some courage to do so, but the courage I am talking about is not from your characters but from you, the writer. Creating a believable character can be hard. Readers […]

Please Spay Your Tribbles – Bionic Men and Women

Please Spay Your Tribbles By: Laura Nicole Each week I will be analyzing an object from the Science Fiction and Fantasy world to project just how it would pan out in modern society. Bionic Men and Women Oh how I love the stories that involve cyborgs, or people who have mechanics infused into their bodies […]

Having the Courage To Do What is Write – Kids Writing

Kids Writing Each week I produce a piece that talks about a different aspect of getting words out on a page. This week I interviewed a group of kids about stories, telling stories and talked to them about getting their work published. Download the Having the Courage to Do What is Write Audio here Thanks […]

A Mid Summer Night’s Dream Act 5 Scene 1

Act 5 Scene 1           Featuring the Voices of: The Athenians: Theseus, Duke of Athens -Indiana Jim Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons and betrothed of Theseus – Elaine Barrett Egeus, father of Hermia, wants to force Hermia…

Please Spay Your Tribbles – Alchemy

Each week I will be analyzing an object from the Science Fiction and Fantasy world to project just how it would pan out in modern society. Alchemy By Laura Nicole Oh, that I could change any metal into gold. White gold. Maybe Platinum. Oops, sorry, got carried away in my little day dream and forgot […]

Finding the Courage to do What is Write.

This week I take a break from Fiction Tuesday as I wait for the first few stories to come in for our new contest, and instead talk about the courage it takes me, and I suspect many others, to write. Finding the Courage to do What is Write. By: Jeff Hite When you think of […]

Changes to Fiction Tuesdays – A Contest

Download the Audio version of this blog post Welcome to Pirate’s Cove an imprint of Flying Island Press. I say that nearly every week, and some times multiple times a week, but what does that really mean? I have been thinking about that for a long time. While I really enjoy working on all the […]

Please Spay your Tribbles – Lasers

When I think of science fiction weapons the first thing that comes to mind is lasers. That’s right, set them to stun. Bad joke, I know. But the alternative was something about sharks with “freakin’ lasers on their heads.” Actually, the point about the lasers attached to anything and burning it to a crisp is […]

Fiction Tuesday – Mr Johnson, The Very Minor God

Mr. Johnson, The Very Minor god By: Jeff Hite This story was inspried by a writing prompt from Mur Laferty’s The news from Poughkeepsie series find out more at When Johnson, or Mister Johnson, as his one and only subject called him, was called into being he knew two things: first that he had …Read the Rest

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