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Fiction Tuesdays – Mine

Every Tuesday, you will get an original piece of fiction. This week I bring you: Mine! By: Jeffrey Hite “Geeez Susan, I’m sorry I was late,” Neil said walking to her office. She signaled for him to close the door. “The directions that they gave out on Friday were horrible and I got lost. But …Read the Rest

In response to a message left on the bathroom wall

By Philip (Noval Joe) Carroll When I was a teenager in the 1970′s my brothers and I loved to backpack. On one trip we were hiking through the hills of Point Reyes National Seashore and came across a campground with toilet facilities. Inside the small wooden building, among the rest of the typical graffiti was […]

Fiction Tuesdays – Scarlet

  On Tuesdays will be presenting a bit of bit of fiction. They will normally be based on one of …Read the Rest

Eeeek Pirates EeeeK! Repost

For a few years now I have been a putting out works of fiction for free. I have opened said that if people want to report and give copies of my work away to other people that they were more than welcome to. Heck I encouraged it. Look Jake Bible and Brand Gamblin say it …Read the Rest

Pirate’s Cove – Photo Prompt Writing Contest

If you are anything like me, the oddest things can inspire a story.  Recently I stumbled on a series of pictures of abandoned locations around the world.  These images made me think of evil layers, and plots to take over the world.  Men in combat boots stomping through dusty hallways and intrepid post apocalyptic explorers …Read the Rest

A Peek Behind the Curtain

February 2, 2011
A Peek Behind the Curtain

Today, I want to offer you a little peek inside my mind.  If I showed you more than that it would probably drive you insane so we will keep it down to a little peek.  Flying Island Press is  still a small company.  We all wear many hats and when I wrote this I was […]

Le Mort d’Arthur

January 25, 2011
Le Mort d’Arthur

We still have to finish the production of book 1 and Mid Summer Night’s Dream, but there is nothing like getting a jump on things. If you would like to read a chapter or two or three of Le Mort d’Arthur book 2 please e-mail us at piratesco…

Le Mort d’Arthur Book 1 Chapter 11

CHAPTER XI Read By: Jeff Hite Of a great tourney made by King Arthur and the two kings Ban and Bors, and how they went over the sea. Download Book 1 Chapter 11 AND King Arthur and the two kings let depart the seven hundred knights in two parties. And there were three hundred knights …Read the Rest

A King and A Dream

December 28, 2010
A King and A Dream

Both the Productions Le Mort d’Arthur and A Midsummers Night’s Dream have their own informational pages.
You can find them here
Le Mort d’Arthur
Mid Summer Night’s Dream
I will try to keep these updated this casting informatio…

What is coming next

December 27, 2010
What is coming next

The pirates are nothing if not forward thinkers.  With that in mind, they have been thinking about what they would like to do after book 1 of Le Mort D’Arthur.  While the logical thing would be to do book 2, there is some argument about whether  that is the right star to hitch our wagon to.  I said …Read the Rest

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