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Galley Table Episode Forty-nine: Alternate Forms of Story Telling

In episode forty-nine we talk about non-prose story telling. Guests: Zach Ricks JP Losier Doc Coleman Scott Roche Laura Nicole Mentioned: Ustream channel Shelter in Place Nathan Lowell Question of the Week: You have been given the power to make every High Schooler to read one book or one series of books. What is it? […]

Galley Table Episode Forty-Three: Cow Killing

In episode forty-three we talk about writing groups and killing some sacred cows. Guests: Zach Ricks JP Losier Doc Coleman Scott Roche Jeff Hite Mentioned: Ustream channel Killing the Sacred Cows: Workshops Tracy Hickman Battle of Wildspitze Question of the Week: Name a characteristic of your favorite author that you’d like to see in your […]

Galley Table 48 – Pirate Takeover – Fiction Tuesday

Pirate take over This episode The Pirate Captain (AKA Jeff Hite) (AKA Capt. Jack Smiley) hires some mercenaries and they take over the galley table. Galley Table 48 We are joined by: Veronica Giguere Doc Coleman James Keeling and Zach Ricks We talk prompt based story writing, like you can find here on Fiction Tuesday […]

Galley Table 47 – Nudie Bear Polo

In Galley Table 47 we talk publishing and promotion.
On the ‘cast:
Laura Nicole
JP Losier
Scott Roche
“Doc” Coleman
Allison Duncan – AuthorOutbreak.com
Brand Gamblin – Author of Tumbler, Hidden Institute (Bear Polo!), and short storie…

Galley Table 42 – Anime

August 17, 2011
Galley Table 42 – Anime

In Galley Table 42 We talk Anime, what is it and why is it different from say everything lese On the ‘cast: Laura Nicole “Dark Lord” Jeffery Hite “Doc” Coleman Alan Sale – Astral Audio / Spook Show Live Christiana Ellis Dave Sobkowiak Paulette Jaxton Down from Ten (NSFW Podiobook) Friendship is Magic What is […]

Galley Table Episode Forty-One: Who’s Your Daddy?

In episode forty-one we talk about parenthood in fiction, the good and the bad. The picture of Alyssa Milano? Well she did get mentioned. Guests: Zach Ricks Laura Nicole JP Losier Jeff Hite Doc Coleman Mentioned: Open Letter from Deathstar PR Top 10 Worst Fictional Fathers Ginnie Dare Ustream channel Question of the Week: What […]

Galley Table Episode Forty: Sexism in SF Writing

In episode forty the crew and our guests take on the world of sci fi writing and publishing and the role gender plays in both the author pool and the reader base. Guests: Zach Ricks Laura Nicole JP Losier Jeff Lane Mentioned: This Paper World SF Signal Mind Meld – Importance of The Russ Pledge […]

Galley Table Episode Thirty-Nine: Galley Table Goes Bowling!

In this episode thirty-nine we have a bit of a random show in which we don’t actually go bowling. It’s more about what’s holding you back. Guests: Zach Ricks Scott Roche Doc Coleman Laura Nicole Veronica Giguerre Mentioned: U-stream Link! Shadow Publications Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon I Am Not a Serial […]

Flying Island Press Interviews Hughes and Roche

Listen to Flying Island Press interview Keith Hughes and Scott Roche about the E-book Death Match!
Zach Ricks
Keith Hughes
Scott Roche
E-book Death Match!!
Audio courtesy of the FreeSound Project:
Radio Noise
Morse Code

Galley Table Interviews Channel 37

We were fortunate to meet some great guys at Balticon. Paul Lagasse and Gary Lester of Channel 37, an online pulp magazine, chatted with us about what they’re doing and publishing pulp in the 21st Century. Guests: Scratch Bacharach Paul Lagasse Gary Lester Zach Ricks Scott Roche Mentioned: Channel 37 Seeing Through the Clouds Chuck […]

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