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The Amazing Spider-Meh

July 3, 2012
The Amazing Spider-Meh

I have a reputation for being remarkably forgiving of my genre content. I really liked Returner – a Japanese sci-fi …Read the Rest

Galley Table Episode Thirty-One: Translating Comics

In episode thirty-one we talk adapting comic books/graphic novels to different media.
Blake M. Petit
Zach Ricks
Jeff Hite
Scott Roche
Doc Coleman
Evertime Realms
Get Jeff a new mic stand.

The Spider You Don’t See

October 26, 2010
The Spider You Don’t See

Today’s guest post is brought to us by Taylor Kent. Check out his blogging and podcasting here. The horror genre is big. Really big. Really, really big. It contains everything from ghosts to vampires to slashers to haunted houses to giant bugs to zombies to the end of the world to the Devil himself. Today, …Read the Rest

Five Cinematic Haunts

October 6, 2010
Five Cinematic Haunts

Guest blogger and podcaster Taylor Kent aka The Snarky Avenger offers us his take on five haunted movies well worth checking out. After you read this make sure to check out his podcast. He’s doing some fun things this month to celebrate the month horror fans love. As we move through October (the most wonderful …Read the Rest

Something Old, Something New

I only believe in stealing from the best, so when James Melzer posed a question about remakes I snapped it up. Perhaps I was inspired by 31 Days of Vincent Price or maybe it’s just the intense man crush I have on Jeff Goldblum, but the first thing that jumped into my brain was The …Read the Rest

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