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The Courage to do What’s Write – I am Captain Picard – Finding Your Muse

I am Captain Picard – Finding Your Muse By Jeff Hite This morning on my way to work, I was Captain Picard. Let me back up a little and explain what I mean. In spite of what ever feelings you might have about who is the best captain, or who should go down in history […]

Random Ruminations Remotely Related to Writing – Worldcon Part One

Worldcon Part One. By Philip (Norval Joe) Carroll The plan was to leave Modesto at 8:00 am after dropping the kids at school and high tail it to Reno. I should take three and a half hours to travel the 210 miles with potty breaks. Nothing goes as planned. By the time we were safely […]

Galley Table 42 – Anime

August 17, 2011
Galley Table 42 – Anime

In Galley Table 42 We talk Anime, what is it and why is it different from say everything lese On the ‘cast: Laura Nicole “Dark Lord” Jeffery Hite “Doc” Coleman Alan Sale – Astral Audio / Spook Show Live Christiana Ellis Dave Sobkowiak Paulette Jaxton Down from Ten (NSFW Podiobook) Friendship is Magic What is […]

Random Ruminations Remotely Related to Writing – Join the resistance.

Join the resistance. By Philip (Norval Joe) Carroll I had a post working in my head about the completion of my first Lead Editor role on the Autism Acceptance issue. I wanted to talk about what I’ve learned and what comes next. However, I had three ‘experiences’ this week that I really need to ‘blow […]

Random ruminations remotely related to writing – Misperceptions.

Misperceptions. Philip (Norval Joe) Carroll One of my favorite podcasts is the Naked Scientists. It’s from England and they go over whatever is in new, or in the news, regarding science. Recently they looked at one study, (I don’t remember what the actual episode was about), that evaluated people’s perceptions. One they mentioned was that […]

The Courage to Do what’s Write – What we can Learn From Babies

What we can Learn From Babies By Jeff Hite As most of you probably know, I am a sucker for babies, and really little kids in general. My wife says that is why we have as many of them as we do. Beyond the fact that they are general very cute and lovable, there are […]

Random Ruminations Remotely Related to Writing – Disappointment

Disappointment by Philip (Norval Joe) Carroll I ran Saturday morning and I experienced the disappointment I often feel when running at that time of day. I was supposed to do ten miles and found I could barely do the 4.2 I have been running every evening. It was 75 degrees, cooler than the 85 to […]

Give me a moment. I’m living

Give me a moment. I’m living By: Philip (Norval Joe) Carroll I ran a pseudo half marathon last Saturday night. It was supposed to be 13.1 miles, but due to an unfortunate error, they had us only run 12.2. That’s ok with me. It was all in good fun. I was talking with some people […]

Please Spay Your Tribbles – A Commentary on What Mutant Powers Laura Would Have

Please Spay Your Tribbles Each week I will be analyzing an object from the Science Fiction and Fantasy world to project just how it would pan out in modern society. A Commentary on What Mutant Powers Laura Would Have I have played a few people with supernatural/mutant powers. There has been Jubilee from X-men ( […]

Galaxybillies Review

July 19, 2011
Galaxybillies Review

Ever since I listened to his podcast Galaxybillies, Mike Plested has been after me to write a review for it. It is not that I didn’t want to write a review, or that I didn’t like the podast or anything like that, the truth is that I hadn’t written a review because I stink at […]

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