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Pirate take over

Galley Table 92 – The BaltiCon Surprise Mutiny

This week we were all at Balticon and had the opportunity to have Authors Scott Sigler and Abigail Hilton Hilton join us for a discussion on endings. Well that is what it was supposed to be about until Jeff changed the rules, and we had a mutiny.

Galley Table 57 – Pirate Take Over – MUTINY!

Galley Table 57
Guests and Cast
Val Ford
Doc Coleman
Scott Roche
J.P. Losier
Jeff Hite (host)

Please Spay your Tribbles – The Pirate Take over – Scary movies

Scary Movies By Laura Nicole and Jeffrey Hite This week the Pirates are taking over, well half taking over, the Please Spay Your Tribbles Column.   I say we are only half taking it over because this weeks column was inspired and spurred on by the Gypsy, Pirate queen, Laura Nicole. As usual when the pirates […]

Galley Table 51 – The Pirates Take Over Again – The Cabin Fever

The Pirate’s Take over again Audio The Cabin Fever Laurence Simon Doc Coleman JP Losier Laura Nicole Scott Roche Zach Ricks And Jeff Hite We had Three story prompts, that we twisted in every conceivable way. Amazon.com Widgets Option # 1 Air Force Captain Key just spent two months digging his way out of the […]

Random Ruminations Remotely Related to wRiting – Pirate Take Over – I Blame my Shoes

I Blame my Shoes By Jeff Hite Normally Philip (Norval Joe) Carroll takes the Friday spot, but today he is off on vacation, and being the pirate that I am I am going to lay claim to this spot and mark it with my own little X. Also, normally Philip talks about running and writing, […]

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