Galley Table 62

March 14, 2012
Galley Table 62

Galley Table 62 Listen to the Show This week we talk with Justin R. Macumber of The Dead Robots Society. We discuss his new book Haywire. The differences between hard and soft Sci/Fi and many other things. And don’t forget to play along with this week’s Random Question. On the Cast this week: Justin Macumber […]

Galley Table 61 – What is PayPal doing?

In this Galley Table we talk about the current situation with PayPal and Smashwords, as they deal with pulling Erotic fiction from their site. Listen to Galley Table 61 On the Cast this week Nobils Reed Doc Coleman Scott Roche Zach Ricks J.P. Losier

Galley Table 60 – Influences

  Influnces We talk about kinds of things influenced us as writers and creators. On the Cast Doc Coleman JP Losier Zach Ricks Jeff Hite

Galley Table 59 – Content Delivery

  Content Delivery This was an all crew cast were we discussed some feed back we had received and how it related to content delivery in general and how it related to our content delivery specifically.   On the Cast Zach Ricks Laura Nicole Scott Roche Jeff Hite

Galley Table 58 – Voice Acting

Galley table 58 Voice Acting Download This week’s cast and Crew Veronica Giguere Michell Plested Doc Coleman J.P. Losier Scott Roche Zack Ricks Jeff Hite Mentioned in this podcast The Action Pack The Secret World Chronicles – Book 5 – Waiting On Mad Scientist Anthology Be sure to Play along with the The Random Question […]

Abattoir Presents “In The Deep Dark”

Welcome to the first issue of Abattoir Presents. For it, we have chosen a story by Justin Macumber of the Dead Robots Society podcast. “In The Deep Dark” is a keen example of the sort of psychological horror I love. He builds good atmosphere and gets at the core of one of our primal fears. …Read the Rest

Galley Table 57 – Pirate Take Over – MUTINY!

Galley Table 57
Guests and Cast
Val Ford
Doc Coleman
Scott Roche
J.P. Losier
Jeff Hite (host)

Galley Table 54 – Scenes!

November 29, 2011
Galley Table 54 – Scenes!

This week on the Galley Table podcast, we talk about scenes. Specifically, we talk about how to write them, what’s necessary to go into them, and a little bit about… Kabuki theater. (the Japanese kind) Macross Frontier (again) Volcanoes. (Can a volcano be a character?) Alien. (Is the opening sequence a lot of itty bitty […]

Grindstone Episode Three – Scaring Little Kiddies

In episode three of GrindstoneJake Bible, Paul Cooley, and Scott Roche talk about what we should be reading and how to scare little kids and what scared us.
Incidental Music:
“Hell Has A Power Grid” by Braindouche!
Shadow Publica…

Galley Table 51 – The Pirates Take Over Again – The Cabin Fever

The Pirate’s Take over again Audio The Cabin Fever Laurence Simon Doc Coleman JP Losier Laura Nicole Scott Roche Zach Ricks And Jeff Hite We had Three story prompts, that we twisted in every conceivable way. Amazon.com Widgets Option # 1 Air Force Captain Key just spent two months digging his way out of the […]

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