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Galley Table 92 – The BaltiCon Surprise Mutiny

This week we were all at Balticon and had the opportunity to have Authors Scott Sigler and Abigail Hilton Hilton join us for a discussion on endings. Well that is what it was supposed to be about until Jeff changed the rules, and we had a mutiny.

The Courage to Do What’s Write – First Contact Day

But my question is, is the price to get there too high. According to the Star Trek time line in order for us to get to First Contact day we have to go through world war 3. According to Memory Alpha in 2053 (Only 40 years from now): World War III ends with a nuclear holocaust resulting in the deaths of some six hundred million Humans. Earth begins its long journey towards recovery.

Galley Table 87 – Angry Spock is Angry!

This week we Face the reality that J. J. Abrams changed the face of Star Trek forever, and wonder what the future will hold. We also discover that Jeff Does not like reboots Galley Table 87 This week’s crew Zachary Ricks Laura Nicole JP Losier Do…

The Courage to Do what is Write – Being Captain Archer – The Back Story, When Enough is Too Much

Being Captain Archer The Back Story, When Enough is Too Much I am not going to lie, I am one of those people who really liked Star Trek Enterprise.  I…

Please Spay your Tribbles – SciFi Death

SciFi Death By Laura Nicole I don’t watch as much SciFi as the rest of the Flying Island Press crew, but I watch my fair share. There is something that really bugs me as a writer in many of these shows. Let me start with my favorite SciFi spoof movie “Galaxy Quest”. (Spaceballs is in […]

The Courage to do What’s Write – I am Captain Picard – Finding Your Muse

I am Captain Picard – Finding Your Muse By Jeff Hite This morning on my way to work, I was Captain Picard. Let me back up a little and explain what I mean. In spite of what ever feelings you might have about who is the best captain, or who should go down in history […]

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