The Courage to do What is Write – The Best Parts

The Best Parts I have talked before about my favorite parts of being parts of being a part of Flying Island Press, but what it boils down to, it means that I get to do the two things that really love, reading and writing and call it work. Today instead of talking about the things […]

Courage to do what’s Write – Taking the plunge

Taking the Plunge I have been writing a lot lately about how the characters of certain Sci/Fi captains shape the fiction they are they are in, and really all around us.  I will continue on that theme in the next few weeks but I want to take a short break from that and talk about […]

Galley Table 51 – The Pirates Take Over Again – The Cabin Fever

The Pirate’s Take over again Audio The Cabin Fever Laurence Simon Doc Coleman JP Losier Laura Nicole Scott Roche Zach Ricks And Jeff Hite We had Three story prompts, that we twisted in every conceivable way. Amazon.com Widgets Option # 1 Air Force Captain Key just spent two months digging his way out of the […]

The courage to do what’s write – I am Captain Malcolm Reynolds – Big Damn Heroes

I am Captain Malcolm Reynolds By Jeffrey Hite In so many ways I am Captain Malcolm Reynolds.  Or at least I want to be, there is no way that I could every be that cool. This turned out to be a very hard essay to write.  Not because it is hard to find things to […]

Daily writing Prompts #77

September 19, 2011
Daily writing Prompts #77

One of the things that we want to do here at Flying Island Press is provide writers with the tools they need to write. We have a lot of services, so new some old, but one the things that the Pirates do is put out writing prompts. They are supposed to be daily but they […]

Galley Table 48 – Pirate Takeover – Fiction Tuesday

Pirate take over This episode The Pirate Captain (AKA Jeff Hite) (AKA Capt. Jack Smiley) hires some mercenaries and they take over the galley table. Galley Table 48 We are joined by: Veronica Giguere Doc Coleman James Keeling and Zach Ricks We talk prompt based story writing, like you can find here on Fiction Tuesday […]

The Courage to Do what is Write – Being Captain Archer – The Back Story, When Enough is Too Much

Being Captain Archer The Back Story, When Enough is Too Much I am not going to lie, I am one of those people who really liked Star Trek Enterprise.  I…

Fiction Tuesday 2

September 1, 2011
Fiction Tuesday 2

Bullets and TearsBy Dan AbsalonsonFrom Daily Writing Prompt #48 Please consider leaving a donation over 60% of all donations go straight to the author William stood over the body and…

The Courage to do What’s Write – I am Captain Kirk – Writing by the Seat of your Pants

I am Captain Kirk Writing by the Seat of your Pants I am Captain Kirk.  As much as I was Captain Picard on my way to work last week, when It comes to writing, my style is much more Kirk than Picard.  Let me see if I can explain a little better. Kirk and Picard […]

The Courage to do What’s Write – I am Captain Picard – Finding Your Muse

I am Captain Picard – Finding Your Muse By Jeff Hite This morning on my way to work, I was Captain Picard. Let me back up a little and explain what I mean. In spite of what ever feelings you might have about who is the best captain, or who should go down in history […]

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