The Courage to do What Is Write – Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat by: Jeff Hite This time of year I have noticed that most of the posts that you get on writers blogs are about one of two things either Halloween or NaNoWriMo.  Sticking with that theme I am going to give you both.(treat) Most of the NaNoWriMo posts go something like this, I […]

Random Ruminations Remotely Related to wRiting – Just Do It

Just Do It. Philip (Norval Joe) Carroll I don’t want much. I just want it all. A guy told me once, “You always have time to do the things you really want to do.” While I’ll admit, those things I ‘wish’ I could do never get done, because I really don’t want to do them […]

Courage to do what’s Write – Taking the plunge

Taking the Plunge I have been writing a lot lately about how the characters of certain Sci/Fi captains shape the fiction they are they are in, and really all around us.  I will continue on that theme in the next few weeks but I want to take a short break from that and talk about […]

Random Ruminations Remotely Related to wRiting – Perspective

Perspective By Philip (Norval Joe) Carrol Have I written about perspective, recently? Or at all? (We use a lot of glue at work, putting liners in braces, or gluing the soles on shoes, etc. I’ve lost my share of brain cells and tend to forget simple things.) (I’ve probably mentioned that as well, and have […]

Random Ruminations Remotely Related to wRiting

Vampires By: Philip (Norval Joe) Carroll I can’t be a vampire at the moment, I’m reflecting. I’m writing a ‘vampire’ story right now, so they’re on my mind. But they’re not what I am currently reflecting upon. The Autism Benefit Issue is out now and available to purchase for a mere $2.99. We had a […]

Galley Table 51 – The Pirates Take Over Again – The Cabin Fever

The Pirate’s Take over again Audio The Cabin Fever Laurence Simon Doc Coleman JP Losier Laura Nicole Scott Roche Zach Ricks And Jeff Hite We had Three story prompts, that we twisted in every conceivable way. Amazon.com Widgets Option # 1 Air Force Captain Key just spent two months digging his way out of the […]

Random Ruminations Remotely Related to wRiting – The Marathon

The Marathon by Philip (Norval Joe) Carroll If there is anyone out there who truly reads my weekly post, and knows anything about me, they would know that I ran a marathon last Saturday. So, what’s that got to do with writing? (That was quick, wasn’t it?) Nanowrimo? When I got out of the army, […]

Random Ruminations Remotely Related to wRiting – Pirate Take Over – I Blame my Shoes

I Blame my Shoes By Jeff Hite Normally Philip (Norval Joe) Carroll takes the Friday spot, but today he is off on vacation, and being the pirate that I am I am going to lay claim to this spot and mark it with my own little X. Also, normally Philip talks about running and writing, […]

Please Spay Your Tribbles – The Headless Horseman

The Headless Horseman By Laura Nicole So if you haven’t been getting ready for Halloween for the past several months… then you probably aren’t in my circle of crazy Halloween friends here in New England. You should work on that… I digress. Halloween is only a few weeks away and the haunted attractions are getting […]

The courage to do what’s write – I am Captain Malcolm Reynolds – Big Damn Heroes

I am Captain Malcolm Reynolds By Jeffrey Hite In so many ways I am Captain Malcolm Reynolds.  Or at least I want to be, there is no way that I could every be that cool. This turned out to be a very hard essay to write.  Not because it is hard to find things to […]

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