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Mik Murdoch: Boy Superhero – Review

Now that I have kids I find the things on my “To Read” shelf are changing. In part that’s because …Read the Rest

Young Adult Urban Fantasy

February 2, 2012
Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Random Ruminations Remotely Related to wRiting. Did I mention I’m listening to Tim Power’s book, “On Stranger Tides”? As I mentioned in my review of “Declare” there was historical basis for many of the events surrounding Kim Filby. I think this book will be similar in that there is a lot about pirates. Specifically Black […]

Galley Table Episode Twenty-One – YA Fiction

In episode twenty-one we talk about YA fiction. We try and define it and talk about its crossover appeal. Guests: Zach Ricks J.R. Murdock Jeff Hite JP Losier Doc Coleman Laura Frechette Mentioned: Tumbler Pocket and the Pendant Empress Sword Space Casey Nina Kimberly the Merciless Schlock Mercenary Archie Comics Dragon Age Comics Bone Invincible […]

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