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Silent Victor – Book Review

Typically I reserve reviews of the books I read outside of the science fiction and fantasy genres for my own …Read the Rest

Mik Murdoch: Boy Superhero – Review

Now that I have kids I find the things on my “To Read” shelf are changing. In part that’s because …Read the Rest

Never Let the Right One Go, A Duology – Book Review

This “duology’ is easily one of the most interesting concepts for a series I’ve heard of recently. Teel McClanahan has …Read the Rest

Book Review: Darkship Thieves by Susan Hoyt

The other day, someone pointed out a blog post written by Sarah Hoyt on the IPG / Amazon conflict, and as I started reading I immediately thought to myself: “Who IS this?” And I immediately started looking for her books. Darkship Thieves is exactly what the blurb says – Heinlein-esque pulpy goodness. The story involves […]

“Nineteen-Eighty-Four” or “Hunger Games:1949″ by George Orwell

“Nineteen-Eighty-Four”, or “Hunger Games: 1949″, by George Orwell In my continuing effort to become more grounded in classic science fiction I went back to the internet. I looked for the first top ten list I’d used to get ‘Flowers for Algernon but couldn’t find it right off and ended up with the top ten science […]

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