Pirate’s Cove

Like Skype I am saying take a deep breath.  You will need it when we keel haul you.  No, seriously you will be underwater a while.

We are building a new island in the chain of islands that make up the the Flying Islands.  This is the island that is a little harder to get to than the others.  Like Avalon we fade in and out, and you can only get here if you are already welcome.   Not that we don’t welcome you, but if you are here it is because you have found a way in.  It might have been by Pirate ship, some version of an air ship, or even by ferry that was piloted by this tall skinny guy that didn’t talk much, by the way I would not ask him for a ride home, he gets grumpy about that.   However you got here, we are glad you are here.  Please be patient with us while we get things started, I think you are going to find some really great fantasy here, and of course the odd pirate story.

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