Le Mort d’Arthur


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As the title suggests this is the story of the death of King Arthur.  But before he can die, he has to live, and this is really the story of his life.  It is a very long story and divided into books.  We are doing one book at a time, and in fact one chapter at a time.  Each chapter will be read by a different reader.  We try to release three chapters a week, our main feed.  But, this is the  page you will find All the Chapters or Le Mort D’Arthur without interruption along with any other exciting information about this production.

If you just can ‘t wait until we release the next chapter and want to read ahead, this is the text that we are working from

Below you will find the current reading schedule along with links to the audio.  If you click on the first one it will play all the files back to back.  Enjoy.

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    Book I

Chapter 1 : Jhite

Chapter 2:  Scott Roche

Chapter 3:  Jhite

Chapter 4: Arlene Radasky

Chapter 5: Arlene Radasky

Chapter 6: Arlene Radasky

Chapter 7:  Jhite

Chapter 8:  SV_Allie

Chapter 9: Jhite

Chapter10: VG_Ford


Chapter12: David Sobkowiak

Chapter13: Jhite

Chapter14: Philip Carroll

Chapter15: Zack Ricks

Chapter16: J-P Losier

Chapter17: Jhite

Chapter18: Larura Frechette

Chapter19: David Sobkowiak

Chapter20: Rasplundjr

Chapter21: Dan Absalonson

Chapter22: BrandG

Chapter23: Jhite

Chapter24: Tony Mast

Chapter25: Jhite

Chpater26: Michael Spence

Chapter27: jhite

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