Kids Summer Production Class – week 1

Class outline for week 1

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* Sound

– What is sound

– How does sound travel Beakman video at about 3:40

– How do we make sounds

* Recording technology

– How the equipment takes sound waves and records it.

– different types of equipment and costs

– software Garage Band and Audacity for Windows and Mac (Audacity is a free program you can use to record edit and produce audio file like MP3’s )

* Making sounds to record.

– recording voices

– sound effects

– follies, what they are and how to make them
the recording of the kids follies, try to pick out each kids folly and what they are trying to imitate

* What you can do after sounds are recorded.
– adding effects
– analogue and digital effects

Test reading and recordings
– all of the kids got to read part of a story and record it.
The recording

Home work

Think of three Follies that you could make, bring what you would need to make them

work with you parents to determine if you are going to use your real name or a stage name in the credits of our prodcution

Listen to the recordings the kids made and talk about what you each heard.

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