Kids Summer Production Class – week 2

Class Outline

* The second class centered mostly around acting techniques. The difference between how you would “Act” if people could see you and how you would “Act” when they can’t
– “can you tell who I am even when you can’t see me?”

– “what happens if we use the wrong voices even when you can see me?”

* We spent time listening to people’s voices and trying to determine what they were doing and who they were supposed to be.

– the students were broken into groups and preformed skits of their own making with voice only and then with visual effects to see if the other people could tell what they were doing.

* We listened to parts of Treasure Island and A Mid Summer Night’s Dream to hear different voice acting techniques, sound effects, setting up a scene for voice acting.

* we practiced reading and recording small parts, and working with others while recording.
The recording


Listen to the recordings the kids made, talk about using voices and what kinds voices they might be best at making. What do you hear in the background? Could some of those be used for sound effects?

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