Kids Summer Production Class – week 3

Week 3

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We started work on our final project
We decided to do an impromptu work. The basic outline of the play is that Captain Smiley’s takes a group of cadets into space, and leaves them to complete their mission. This gives the actors a lot of room to create their characters as well the part they will play in the production.

The Play

Captain Jack Smiley’s Cadets

Director – Ricky
Captain Jack Smile – Jeff Hite
Lt (Captain of the ship ) – Jyl
Chief of Engineering – Michelle
Engineering Assistant #1 Madge – Madelyne
Engineering Assistant #2 (Sara Stick) – Elizabeth Hite
Chief of Security – Chris Hite
Chief Medical Officer (Tom Heinz) – Tom Hite
Communications Office (Alicia Ericson) – Christina Schwalb
Pilot (Data Serious) – Patrick Hite
Cookie – Charles Hite
Helm – Griffin

Download or listen the first take


1. Listen to the audio and decide if we need to do another take
2. This is an impromptu play, so the actors all need to try to develop their own characters. They know the role their characters play but they may not know the character all that well.
3. Think about possible plot lines. (How the story will go.)

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