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What is Pirate’s Cove?

Pirate’s Cove is the high adventure and fantasy imprint of Flying Island Press.

What we are looking for:

High adventure and fantasy stories between 1000-10000 words in length.

Here is a definition of what we call high adventure and fantasy:

Fantasy is anything that is fantastic, if it is Elves , and Dwarves, or just an Elvish impersonator we want it. If it is King Arthur, Robin Hood, gods and goddess, nymphs, and fawns, we want it. If it goes bump in the night, but does not scare you out of your wits, we want it. if it is Daring do, swashbuckling, grand adventure, we want it. And just to be clear here, if it has pirates in it, we want it.

Some times it is very important to note what we don’t want as well. We cannot accept “fanfic” of any kind. We are not looking for dark, fantasy that crosses the line toward horror. If your story feels more like a horror story might we suggest our horror imprint Abattoir

Very much like Flagship we are looking for stories with a positive spin on them. The good guy does not always have to win, the planet need not always be save, but there should be something positive that comes out of it.

If you think you have that perfect story for us please feel free to contact us about it

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