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Archive for June, 2010

Get to Know Your Crew – Philip E. Carroll

Today’s crew mate is Philip E. Carroll aka Norval Joe. We’re not quite sure where he got that moniker, but …Read the Rest

Inspirational Authors – Mur Lafferty

I’m from North by gawd Carolina and there is a TON of podcasting talent here. Most of it seems to …Read the Rest

Get to Know Your Crew – J-P Losier

Today the crew member that we’re saluting goes by the name J-P Losier (We’re 65% sure that that’s an alias …Read the Rest

Inspirational Authors – Pip Ballantine

For those of you not “in the know”, there’s a powerful dark goddess that’s taken over the hearts, minds, and …Read the Rest

Get to Know Your Crew – Jeffrey Hite

Over the course of the next week we thought it would be good for you to get to know the …Read the Rest

Inspirational Authors – Valerie Griswold-Ford

Today we wanted to spotlight another author who is active in social media and podcasting.  These are the sort of …Read the Rest

Inspirational Authors – Nathan Lowell

We wanted to take a moment and share with you guys some info about authors that we admire in the …Read the Rest

Status Report

June 10, 2010
Status Report

We’re working hard to get things ready for the first issue.  The mock up hit my inbox yesterday and my …Read the Rest

Some Invalubale Resources

Most of us artistic types, I think it’s fair to say, don’t fully understand things like contracts and anything else …Read the Rest

Working Hard For Your Money

One of the things I’m most excited about re: Flagship is that we’re a paying market.  Nothing depresses me more …Read the Rest