One of the things I’m most excited about re: Flagship is that we’re a paying market.  Nothing depresses me more than finding a new market and discovering that they don’t pay even a token (okay the idea of a Karate Kid remake does give me the blues).  I mean as writers we work hard to get these babies out and polished and ready for you folks to eat up with a spoon.  Giving them away for free has a place depending on what your goals are, but buy and large I think most of us want to earn some beer/food/toy vouchers for our sweat and ink.

As a neophyte publisher I think we understand as well as most just what the economy out there is like.  After all, we all still have our day jobs.  So I know that not everyone starting out can pay.  Heck, we don’t pay what we’d like to and on that note I have a question.  While we want to attract and cultivate new talent, we at Flying Island Press would also like to get some stories from some of the bigger dogs in the pack (I’m getting to the question).   So here’s the question:

What would it take to get stories from you?

If you’re used to getting paid multiple pennies for every word that you write, what would it take to attract you to our press?  The most obvious answer is “pay more money” and we’ll get there, we will.  Until then though would you be willing to send us reprints or stories that have made the rounds once and gotten no hits?  Is there a chance that we could get some original, never before seen stuff from the bigger names out there?

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