Status Report

June 10, 2010

We’re working hard to get things ready for the first issue.  The mock up hit my inbox yesterday and my response to our in house layout man was, “I’ve got chilllllls they’re multiplyin’. ;-)”.  This is very much starting to feel real.

We’ve gotten a number of stories in.  Some have worked for us and others haven’t.  We’re trying to be as picky as we can to make sure that the fiction we’re bringing to you is worthy of your hard earned ducats.  That means saying no if we think quality, the nature of the story, or the theme (for our kickoff issue anyway) just doesn’t meet our needs.

One promise we’ve made to ourselves is that when we do say “No.”,  a very difficult thing for me to do personally,  it will be as qualified a no as we can make it.  We will give as much feedback on why we rejected the stories as we can in an effort to help the author improve their craft (in cases where quality is the issue) or to give them a better understanding of what we’re looking for.

The stories we want need to have that “sense of wonder and optimism” that can cut through the grittiness of the current crop of fiction.  There’s room for darkness and complexity, but as we say in the submission guidelines “we’re looking for places we’d like to escape TO”.  And the length we want is in the two to seven thousand word range.

There’s still space in this issue for stories and you still have time, though the days are sliding like *cue music* sand through an hour glass.  So wait no longer.  Get off your duffs and get writing!

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