We wanted to take a moment and share with you guys some info about authors that we admire in the New Media space.  Today we hear from Nathan Lowell.  Nate is the author of the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper series as well as the Lammas Wood series.  The first book in the Solar Clipper series has been published by Ridan Publishing and is currently available through the standard channels.

Nate, like many of the artists we will spotlight, got his publishing deal thanks in part to his putting them out in podcast form.  I highly recommend them all.  I find them addictive and a welcome departure from much of what you’ll find in the fantasy and science fiction genres these days.

Nathan, what is your favorite author of all time and your favorite that is currently working?

All Time: Asimov. Currently writing: Jim Butcher

What author most inspired you to write?

JC Hutchins

What is your writing schedule?

I binge write. When I sit down to write, I tend to go full steam ahead until I’m done. Usually that’s a novel and the time period is about a month. On “writing days” I start at about 4am and stop at around 8pm with breaks for food and drink.

What is your favorite genre/subgenre to write in and why?

I love science fiction. I grew up with it and I love the ability to explore ideas at a distance that we’re too close to in normal existence to really get a handle on.

What was your first paid writing credit?

My doctoral dissertation. I still have the royalty check.

How do you deal with rejection of your work?

Analytically. I try to balance the rejection against the intent and execution. Did I do what I wanted? Did I do it well? Is the rejection telling me something I should know? Can I use that rejection to make my work stronger? When I wander down all those paths, I usually have at least a couple of ideas about what to do next. Sometimes it’s re-write, sometimes it’s round-file. Sometimes I just shrug it off as “wrong person, wrong time” and move on.

Thanks for your time Nate!  Good luck and clear sailing!!

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