Over the course of the next week we thought it would be good for you to get to know the people that are flying this crazy island (as a side note, we’re working on a name for both the island and the ship).  So today we bring the first member up from below decks!  Say give a rousing “Huzzah!” to Jeffrey Hite, Dark Lord of Great Hites.  You should probably also follow him on Twitter.

Like many of us on the island, Jeff is a professional geek.  He’s an Information Technology Systems Engineer and a Document management specialist.  He brings those skills to our engine room working as  the Director of Information Technology and also toils away as one of our slush readers.

For those of you not “in the know” that means he’s one of the group that first casts their eyes on stories that hit our inbox.  It’s not a bad job at all.  In fact he recently said that his favorite part of being on the team is that he gets to read all kinds of stories.

His hobbies, when he has this mythical thing called “extra time” (we suspect he’s running illegal time travel experiments on the engineering deck), include writing, running, and raising kids.  I suspect that he can often be found doing any two of those at the same time.

He enjoys reading Orson Scott Card and listens to Mad Poet Files and Hard Core History.

When asked why he joined our merry little band, he had this to say.  “I have always wanted to be a publisher, even before I wanted to be a writer.  The idea of getting books or stories out there to people who wanted to read them has always been one of the driving goals in my life.”

It’s that kind of passion (and questionable degree of sanity) that we here at Flying Island Press appreciate in our crew.  Look forward to more of these little meet ‘n greets over the coming days!