Today we wanted to spotlight another author who is active in social media and podcasting.  These are the sort of folks you’ll see helping to change the face of publishing in the coming years and they inspired us to embark on this new venture.  It’s well worth your time to check them out.

Valerie’s work can be found at She’s had two books published by Dragon Moon Press, Not Your Father’s Horseman and Dark Moon Seasons, and contributed to The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy series.  You can also follow her on Twitter at

Favorite author of all time/Favorite author currently writing?

Of all time: David Eddings/PD James/Agatha Christie/Dorothy Sayers.  Currently: Nathan Lowell/Kathryn Kurtz

Author that most inspired you to write (if it’s not the same as the above)

Anne McCaffrey – I read the Pern books at age 12, found out we shared the same birthday, and decided that if she could do it, so could I.

What’s your “writing schedule”?

Whenever I can.  I have one day a week off from my day job, so I try and cram as much writing in there and weekends as I can.  I work 10.5 hour days during the week, so I’m pretty fried when I get home from that.  I’m trying to write in the mornings now before I go in as well.

What’s your favorite genre/subgenre to write in? Why?

I love anything with magic and explosions.  It’s something I’ve always been fond of.  Body counts and magic – I’m in. 😀  I think it’s a partial response to being a fairly “good girl” in real life – I’m not that wild, so I like to write characters that can do stuff like that and (mostly) get away with it.

What was your first paid writing credit?

I wrote a chapter on Mythology in Fantasy for the Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy – that was my first paid credit that wasn’t a newspaper credit.  Before that, I was a reporter for 5 years.

How do you deal with rejection as a writer?

I learned about rejections pretty early on – newspaper editors are not known for their handholding. 🙂 Now, I take what I can from the rejection, especially if the editor/agent was nice enough to put personal notes on it, and go on.  I’ve lost count of how many rejections I’ve received – it’s the acceptances I remember now.
Thanks for you time Val!

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  • Jeff Hite says:

    Not that Val does not have enough publishing credits but I thought I would mention that she also has write two stories for GreatHites, a project for which I am the host, and both time her stores have won the weekly contest. Thank You Val for your valuable inspiration, and for letting us interview you.