Today the crew member that we’re saluting goes by the name J-P Losier (We’re 65% sure that that’s an alias and 43.6% percent sure that it’s his birth name… What, we’re pirates, not math guys.) You can usually find him up in the crows nest or on the island’s highest peak.

When he’s not in the clouds on the Flying Island, he’s in “the cloud” developing websites and programming. For us, he uses his mad skills in developing the layouts of the e-zine and designing our logos. I’m sure there’s other sorcery he’s capable of and as we progress we’ll find out what that is.

Reach out to him on Twitter and go read his story over on Great Hites. Those are the only places you’ll see him up front and center on the web that I can find.

His favorite authors are Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Harry Harrison, John Varley, H.G. Wells, Anne McCaffrey, William Gibson, Cory Doctrow, Seth Godin, and John Maxwell. As far as podcasts go he listens to:

Serialized Fiction:
Playing For Keeps by Mur Lafferty
7th Son by J.C. Hutchins
Murder at Avedon Hill by P.G. Holyfield
Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword by Tee Morris
Tumbler by Brand Gamblin
Archangel by Scott Roche
Spirit Blade by Paeter Frandsen,
The Secret World Chronicle by Mercedes Lackey
Great Hites by Jeff Hite
Geek Survival Guide by Zach Ricks
Mad Poet Files by Zach Ricks
Podictionary by Charles Hodgson
The Metamor City Podcast by Chris Lester

The man didn’t list a hobby and I think you can see why! It’s wonderful to have another writer on the crew that’s so … committed (yes… that word seems fitting) to the genres and media that we’re here to create.

He has this to say about why he’s here, “Besides getting to work with some of my favorite podcasters and get some extra fanboy-time geeking out watching –and being a part of– their creative processes?!? I love the concept, and want more people to have easy access to great content and be able to share it with their friends.”

Passion, my fellow sailors of the electronic seas, that’s the word that fits this buccaneer and the rest of his crew mates. At least the one I’m able to use.

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