I’m from North by gawd Carolina and there is a TON of podcasting talent here. Most of it seems to exist in and around the Raleigh area and one such podcaster is the subject of today’s inspirational authors post. Mur Laffertry is not only a podcaster, she’s got quite a few fiction and non-fiction credits to her name. The thing that inspires me most though, when I think of Mur, is the amount of time and energy she’s spent in trying to help her fellow authors. As good as her fiction is, and it is good, her I Should Be Writing podcast is a font of knowledge and coolness that every writer should be listening to.

You can find everything Mur at www.murverse.com and follow her on Twitter at mightymur. If you pick up just one thing she’s written I must recommend Playing For Keeps.

So, on to the questions to give us a peek inside her mighty brain.

Favorite author of all time/Favorite author currently writing?

Neil Gaiman and Connie Willis can duke it out to be either. Although John Milton does have a special place in my heart.

Author that most inspired you to write (if it’s not the same as the above)

Probably Madeline L’Engle, her Wrinkle in Time series really ignited me as a child.

What’s your “writing schedule”?

I try to do admin stuff and recording in the morning, writing and editing in the afternoon. This is a perfect world scenario and not realistic at all.

What’s your favorite genre/subgenre to write in? Why?

Weird, modern-day science fiction. Probably because I find life really mundane and have always just waited to bump into a street shaman or fall down a hole to the secret underground fairy world.

What was your first paid writing credit?

Santa in my Pocket – Escape Pod (Ed. note – She’s done a Christmas story every year for Escape Pod.  It’s something of a tradition and one we like.)

How do you deal with rejection as a writer?

I treat it like a wound in kung fu. I sit back, relax, let myself acknowledge that something hurt, let it heal, then get back to work. Rejection is part of being a writer, like being hit is a part of kung fu. It happens. If it’s not happening, then you’re either a master, or you’re not really doing it.

Yes, in addition to be a kick butt writer, Mur could likely also kick your butt in real life.  *Deep bow to the Master of Geek Fu*

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