Sorry for the break folks. We got a little busy around these parts what with site changes and release schedules. Things are still hopping, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t share with you more about the authors that we admire in new media.

While it’s true that JC doesn’t podcast anymore he’s still a mentor and inspiration to many (yours truly included) and he’s still on the scene. In fact he’s got something cooking that will be coming out soon. He hasn’t dropped any details, but it’s bound to be interesting. Keep your eyes on and while you’re there check out 7th Son.

Anyway, on with the blog post.

Favorite author of all time/Favorite author currently writing?

I love the works of Stephen King, Jeffrey Deaver, Brad Meltzer and Michael Crichton. King is an undisputed master of character, pacing and craft. Deaver is a world-class thriller writer whose head-spinning plots demand to be studied. Meltzer’s political thrillers sport stellar dialogue and authoritative research. Crichton’s technothrillers were filled with big ideas presented in very understandable, reader-friendly ways. These guys provide endless inspiration for me.

Author that most inspired you to write (if it’s not the same as the above)

King. Nobody does it better.

What’s your “writing schedule”?

Whenever I can, and whenever it feels right. I’m a binge writer – I go through dry spells (typically dominated by podcast production and relentless promotion of my fiction, neither of which I do anymore), and then take it to the creative red-line, obsessing over a specific creative project.

I don’t write daily, but there’s always something cooking in my noggin.

What’s your favorite genre/subgenre to write in? Why?

Thriller. Being able to create stories of tension that emotionally move my audience is the coolest thing in the world.

What was your first paid writing credit?

For fiction, it was the sale of Personal Effects: Dark Art, an groundbreaking “fiction meets reality” supernatural thriller novel that I wrote for-hire, for St. Martin’s Press.

How do you deal with rejection as a writer?

I never take it personally. It’s their loss, not mine. Don’t waste time moping. That’s time you should spend writing.

Thanks JC! Good luck on your future projects.

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