We recently submitted the first issue of Flagship to Smashwords and Amazon.

So, I think I can hear some of you asking, “Why put your magazine on other sites?”

Well there are a few good reasons.

Availability – The more places we put our magazine, the more people are likely to see and buy.  We want as many people to know about our baby as possible.  Smashwords also helps us get into Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and a number of other storefronts in addition to their own.

Formats – While JP is amazing at what he does, that is getting the authors’ text into a well laid out format, Smashwords does enable us to broaden the number of devices you can read it on, while minimizing our workload. And being directly in the Kindle store will let our fans download it more easily.

Community – People that find us on these sites can rate us, review us, and share their experience with our magazine.  While that’s no replacement for our own forums and the links we put in the magazine, we like to give people options.

You’ll probably notice that the price is a little higher, one dollar higher to be precise.  That’s because these distributors take their piece.  You can still get it for $1.99 right from our site, so if price is an issue, that’s where you can go.  On the flip-side, because we’re on Smashwords, you can also get more of a preview there and try before you buy.

Because of that price increase and because we want to be fair, if you buy it from these sites and send us your receipt, we’ll send you the audio for free! Regardless of where you get our fiction from, we hope you enjoy it and let us know how we’re doing!

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