Catch a wave…

August 9, 2010

There’s been a lot lot LOT of talk lately about the future of publishing, ebooks, etc.

Here’s Simon Wood talking about e-books from an author’s perspective. Here’s Pablo Defendini talking about what he would do with Barnes and Noble – which recently put itself on the auction block. And here’s a paperback publisher moving to e-books first, and following up with trade paperbacks. It’s a really interesting time to be in the publishing game.

But what does it mean for readers? It means options. Not just from Flying Island, but from a lot of places that I’m fairly excited about.

If you’re reading this, you may or may not be familiar with some of the other online short story mags – like Clarkesworld or Beneath Ceaseless Skies. You may know that Analog and Asimov’s are in the Amazon Kindle Store. You may know that there’s a new YA SF online magazine coming out early next year – Scape. And there’s one I’m particularly excited about – Rebel Tales.

You have options. They’re only going to get better. And so will we. I’ve heard people talk about how the Internet and the ubiquitous nature of content is killing the culture. And it’s true that none of us were professionally trained to do what we’re doing. In that sense, we’re rank amateurs. But we’re learning and getting better at this as we go. We’re already offering the ePub, PDF, and now mobi versions on the text site (if you’ve already bought your text version, the download page has been updated with the new format). And look for issue two’s audio to come out in single mp3 file (compatibility, right!?), AAC with chapters enabled, and as a zip file containing individual stories in either format.

What about you? Is there an e-pub venture out there you’re particularly excited about?

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