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Uncut Book

Seriously. Who are you? If you’re a reader of FlagShip, who are you?

Here’s what I think…

If you’re a reader of FlagShip, you’re more technically savvy than your average person. You’re familiar with handling files, installing them on your e-reader or phone. You may not be totally familiar with the different e-text formats, but you’re easily able to run a google search to find an application to use that format with, say, your Android device. That’s #1 – you’re tech-savvy.

If you’re a reader of FlagShip, you’re probably not just tech-savvy, but you’re social media savvy as well. You may very well have become a fan of the Facebook page. You probably follow one or more of the editorial staff on Twitter – and you may be following @FlyingIslandPre ss on Twitter also. That’s #2. You’re social media savvy.

If you’re a reader of FlagShip, you’re a science fiction or fantasy fan. Maybe that goes without saying, but I thought I’d just remind you of it. You’re probably also familiar with a lot of the people working in the new-media-fiction-space also. You’ve heard of Brand Gamblin – and his Calls For Chthulu podcast. You know P.G. Holyfield‘s Land of Caern because you’ve heard or heard of Murder at Avedon Hill. You’ve listened to new media podcasts. You may be a regular of podiobooks.com.

Now, knowing that about you, that raises a question. How do we tell everyone else that we’re here? There are probably a ton of people who are SF/F fans who’ve never used a podcast. But they may be familiar with Amazon’s Kindle Store (where you can get FlagShip Issue 1 now for a seamless download/install process for 2.99). How do we reach out to those people who aren’t familiar with new media, who maybe are less tech-savvy, or social-media savvy? What can we do to create and grow a real community?

Or, have I gotten you all wrong?

Photo courtesy of wikimedia commons.

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