August 27, 2010

nook-hand-viewKris Rusch wrote an excellent article on her thoughts after having seen a popular Nook display in a Barnes and Noble.

It’s a long post and there are a number of good points in it. Perhaps my favorite, or at least the one that jumped out the most was a comparison she made to music. It seems quite a few people, as they embrace new music formats, leave the old ones behind. It’s true in my case. While I own a few cassette tapes and still have my CDs I can’t listen to the former and don’t listen to the latter. All my music in in straight up electronic formats.

With books it’s a little different though. I just got an iPhone recently and I can already tell that I’ll likely be buying books in both an electronic and paper version. I love paper books too much to leave them behind. There’s a weight to them that I love and it takes no batteries. Still I can’t deny it’s nice to have the version on the iPhone to read when I don’t have the book I want at hand.

Now I’m not saying that books will never go away. The tree hugger in me won’t be entirely broken up at saving the paper, but the book lover will miss the smell. So, I hope if they do it takes a looooong time, but that day will come and thanks to the Nooks and Kindles we’re days and days closer.

So as these changes encroach on us and as publishers (like ourselves) embrace the electronic format and writers take advantage of the ease of self publishing electronically through Smashwords and other venues, we’d like to know how you, as readers, feel about this change. Do you buy both versions where applicable? Would you be interested in a paper version of what we do? Have you turned your back on physical books?

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