Interview With Author Alice Kemp

September 21, 2010

Alice Kemp wrote “Mr. Silky” for issue two. It’s a science fiction story about the repercussions of an illegal pet trade.

What current/classic authors inspire you?

Arthur C. Clarke, Poe, Lovecraft

What was the inspiration for you story?

I actually can’t think of a specific inspiration; it just sort of sprang full-blown from my head, so to speak.

What’s your writing schedule/process?

I just try to work it around my therapy job and outdoor activities, primarily evenings.

Is our magazine your first fiction sale? If so how did that feel? If not what other stories of yours have been published and where?

Yes, Flag Ship was my first fiction sale, closely followed by another that’s due to come out next month. As my first sale, it was exciting and liberating. It vindicated my belief that I could write sellable fiction.

How do you handle rejection?

I’ve dealt with quite a bit of that, mostly for the novels I’ve written so far. I don’t let it bother me. Just keep plugging away. Step back and re-evaluate what I’m doing and try a different angle. I figure something’s gotta give eventually.

How are you finding paying markets?

I’ve found duotrope to be extremely helpful.

What are your thoughts about how we’re approaching getting fiction out (e-pubs/mp3)?

Your approach to getting your fiction out is okay but needs more flexibility. You need more computer-download-friendly versions, such as pdf, which, I understand, is available now (almost).
(Duly noted. – Ed.)

Did you receive editorial feedback and how was that for you?

Yes, I did, about having a weak ending, which I appreciated. It was no problem making the recommended change and it did improve the story.

If you chose to subscribe to Flagship, what sorts of things would you like to see in future issues?

I don’t know. I have always loved the “old-fashioned” pulp fiction that Flag Ship is supposed to represent. I can’t speak for others’ tastes. Some of the so-called “modern” sci-fi has left me yearning for the good ol’ days.

Alice, thanks for your time and moreso for your story! I can certainly empathize with what she said regarding some of today’s SF.

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