Steampunk Issue

March 24, 2011

Reduction GearWe are fast approaching the anniversary of this little endeavor. It’s amazing to think how much we’ve done in the past nine months and how much more we want to do in the coming years. To celebrate all of that, we thought it would be ultra-super-mega-awesome to do a theme for the release of our August issue.

My first thought was “Steampunk!”. For those of you that don’t know what that is, think Jules Verne crossed with Bladerunner. Most of the aesthetics involve brass fittings, corsets, airships, and other Victoriana mashed up with steam powered tech that didn’t exist in the good Queen’s day. If you want to do some reading, I would recommend books like The Difference Engine, Boneshaker, or The Hidden Institute by Flagship favorite author Brand Gamblin.

All of our traditional rules apply¬†(for details see submission guidelines). Follow those to the letter and you’ll be rewarded with us at least reading and considering your story. Ignore them at your peril. One final note, steampunk is usually considered science fiction, but if you want to introduce fantasy elements, by all means please do!

Submissions close for this steampunk inspired anniversary issue on May 31st and the issue itself will come out in August. So break out the goggles, fire up the steam powered typewriter, and send us your best stories!

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