Things at Flying Island Press are hopping and in order to take some work off of the backs of our slush readers/editors and to put out a better product we’re putting out the call for a copyeditor/proofreader.

Pay/Fringe Benefits: I want to put this right up front. This is not a paying gig. None of our staff, at present, is paid for their services. There are fringe benefits. You get free access to all the sweet fiction that we put out. We’re a very supportive group when it comes to your outside projects. We have a blast at our staff meetings and the Galley Table. None of that is money, though. If you want to make money, we respect that. One day, maybe we can offer some, but no promises.

Job Description: We would send you stories and you would make sure that the grammar and punctuation were spotless. We wouldn’t be looking for content edits, since any recommendations along those lines would have already been worked out before you see it. We might also ask you to edit blog posts or non-fiction articles. In those instances you might actually be asked to make true copyedits, looking to tighten up the text and lay out. We average six to seven stories an issue every other month. Occasionally, we have a short span of time between acceptance of the story and needing to get it out the door, so someone who is able to work with deadlines is a must.

So there you have it. If you like the idea of working with us and you have the prerequisite skills, send an email to with the subject line “Copyeditor”. Experience isn’t required, but let us know why you think you’d make a good addition to our team, particularly if you don’t have experience.


  • Evelyn Wolke says:

    I may not be the fastest person on earth but I’d give it a go.

  • The work load doesn’t look that bad, if I only had the copy editing skillz I’d be all over that. But alas…

    Wishing for a good fit with you great guys on the Flying Island Press staff 🙂

  • Sadly, I’m with Richard here. My skilz are good, but I fear I wouldn’t do it justice. And I’m all about justice. Justice soon as I learn how to make my grammer sparkle, I’ll give it a shot. Slush reading? sure, I can do that. It’s kind of like coders. Different breed and all that.