Laura Nicole

Please Spay Your Tribbles
By: Laura Nicole

Each week I will be analyzing an object from the Science Fiction and Fantasy world to project just how it would pan out in modern society.

Bionic Men and Women

Oh how I love the stories that involve cyborgs, or people who have mechanics infused into their bodies and must find out if they are man or machine. This begs the question, what would an individual do if they were part man and part machine. Let’s take a look at some famous or infamous men and women who fit into this category.


These are the people who are struggling to reclaim their humanity even though they have these fantastic mechanical enhancements that have saved their lives. Rather than use these wonders of man’s ingenuity and preserve themselves, they use these integrated tools to better the world around them. Or at least make themselves more useful. Examples:

RoboCop – Good premise, bad movie (my opinion only).

Inspector Gadget – Go, go, gadget writing tools.

Six Million Dollar Man/ Bionic Woman. – Be technologically advanced and look fabulous.

Lt. Geordi LaForge – Or you can wear an hair comb on your face. Though his contacts in later movies were AWESOME. I want them!

Seven of Nine – Hotness and techno-savvy. Hands above the desk.

Luke Skywalker – His hand should have had magnets so he doesn’t lose his lightsabre or something.

Cog from “The Gearheart” – Only downfall is the external battery.


Some people become crazed with power. Some become crazed to save the ones they love. Others just crack. This can be said of anyone regardless of their mechanical enhancements or not. It is just easier to fear someone with shiny weaponry attached to their bodies.

Darth Vader – You knew he was coming. “He’s more machine now than man.” Sidious was behind it all.

The Claw – I’ll get you next time, Gadget. Next time.

Femme Bots – Bringing new meaning to deadly beauties. I have a rant on this for another time.

CyberMen – Nuff’ said.

Doc Oc – A man obsessed with his inventions

The Borg – Led by a need to pro-create through assimilation.

Then there are the real heroes. The people who use these bionics in our daily civilization, though we see them as amputees and veterans. However, these people have limbs that do not tire and enable them to do extraordinary things. How far off is it for those prosthetic limbs to have mechanic or technological enhancements?

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