Laura Nicole

Please Spay Your Tribbles
By Laura Nicole

Each week I will be analyzing an object from the Science Fiction and Fantasy world to project just how it would pan out in modern society.


Naturally with the realization from last week’s article on cloning that all I really wanted was a holographic version of myself, or something like that, the next section of PSYT would be about the holodecks.

Holodecks are used for recreational purposes to fulfill specific desires. You can do almost anything in one like be a part of a story, visit places that you used to know, relive memories, the opportunities are vast. You can see why Ferengi are so fond of them.

But if we did have holographic locations to simulate the mundane as well as the exciting, how much would we pursue real life? For example, I could create a program that could make the room look, smell, and feel like my old neighborhood in The Netherlands. However, I could have no way to know how or if it has changed, therefore I would only be reliving an idealized version of the past. If I were to go there having had those experiences in the holodeck, the real thing might be very disorienting or disappointing.

I think of it like this. I have seen Paris several times, but each time I went Notre Dame was under restoration. So in my holographic program I could go inside and see it based on schematic data, but it would be nothing compared to the real thing. And of course when I go back, it will still be under restoration, as my luck would have it.

Holodecks could have a negative effect on the tourism industry because people would be visit the ideal version of a location with no people begging for money, construction, or some creepy person who wants to buy you a drink.

On the other hand there is something to be said for going there and having those crazy things happen. You can’t replicate an adventure. In a holodeck you know you are safe, unless you take the safeties off. Life is not safe and it is not ideal. If we lived in a world that was without conflict or problems there would be nothing to write about. And let’s talk about getting away. Some times you need the physical mileage away from what is familiar in order to decompress and relax.

In my opinion one of the few things that holodecks would be good for is time travel. What I mean is that we could go back in time to witness or participate in an event without effecting the time stream.

Where would you visit if you had access to a holodeck? If you have suggestions, join in the conversation on our forums. Http:// or you can e-mail me at

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  • Scott Roche says:

    One of the things I love about Star Trek is that they dealt with the issue of holodeck addiction. As someone all too fond of playing in idealized or fantasy worlds I could see it as being a dangerous thing. The ability to escape to not just anywhere, but anywhen and have things play out as you would like them to would be fun but it would present its own problems.